Dress Code
We believe it is the responsibility of every student to take pride in himself/herself and in the school and always dress in accordance with the dress code without being reminded to do so. We expect that parents will offer the first and best counsel to their sons and daughters in this matter and recognize that the student shares in this responsibility. It is the joint responsibility of the classroom teacher and the school administration, along with the full cooperation of the parents to enforce this dress code. Furthermore, SFX School is committed to educating students to understand that self-expression is best illustrated by the quality of one’s character which can be revealed through behavior and attitudes. We are keenly aware of the impact that student attire has on these attitudes and behavior. Our desire is to foster a respectful environment where individuals are appreciated for themselves, not for their apparent social, economic or peer group status.

It is the responsibility of parents and students to take pride in our school by dressing appropriately to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.

General Regulations to the uniform dress code which apply to all students:
• Slacks: Navy blue, black, gray or khaki, hemmed, worn at the waist, no designs on pants. Cargo pants and carpenter pants are acceptable. No blue jeans. NO slim fit pants (tight fitting).
• Shirts: Any solid colored collar shirt (polo, blouse, dress shirt). Shirts underneath must be solid colored.
• Vests are allowed.
• Jumpers, skirts, skorts: Navy blue, black, gray or khaki, no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
• Dresses: Any solid colored polo dress is acceptable, no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
• Shoes: TENNIS SHOES ONLY! (Shoes should not go above the ankle, high top tennis shoes are acceptable.) Shoes that slip on or Sperry shoes are NOT acceptable!
• No make-up should be worn or brought to school (this includes face glitter).
• No undergarments (i.e. camis or boxers) showing.
• No body piercings except for ears.
• No unnatural hair color (purple, pink, etc)
• Non-marring rubber soled shoes must be worn for physical education class or a student may not participate.
• Hooded sweatshirts MAY NOT be worn during school Mass or in the classroom.

In cold weather, for warmth in the classroom, students should wear a sweater or fleece over regular school clothing. The only fleece that is allowed is one purchased through the school office with the school logo. When there is snowy weather, students should wear a pair of boots for outside wear along with a warm coat, hat and gloves.

Warm Weather Clothing:
First day of school until October 31st and April 1st until the end of the school year.
Shorts: Navy blue or khaki, hemmed, worn at the waist, must come to the knee (girls will need to wear Bermuda shorts so they are of an acceptable length).
Capri’s: Navy blue or khaki, hemmed, worn at the waist.

Birthday or "Dress Down Day" Clothing:
Students are permitted to wear clothing of their choice on their birthday or half-birthday (or whenever their classroom decides to celebrate summer birthdays) if they have a summer birthday. Shirts should have appropriate wording and the length of shorts, dresses, and skirts should agree with the dress code. No halter tops or spaghetti straps are allowed. Tank top sleeves must be at least 2 inches in width. If the student’s birthday falls on a school Mass day, the student is asked to choose a different day to dress down or change after Mass. NO YOGA PANTS! NO FLIP FLOPS!