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One of the core values here at St Francis Xavier School is the belief that every child deserves access to a high quality education. Once a week the students have the opportunity to visit the school library and take out 2 books. Books are to be returned to school on Wednesday for a Thursday visit to the school library.

     Each class visits the library once a week to select books.  The following library rules apply to all:

  1. Quiet is to be observed in the library.

  2. Students should come to the library with the purpose of looking for books.

  3. Books are on loan for one week.  There is a limit of 2 books on loan to a student at any one time.

  4. People who borrow materials from the library are financially responsible for their care and return.

  5. Students should place their library books in the tote in their classroom so that the school librarian can check them in.

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